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Manufacturing Capabilities

IST’s primary manufacturing facility is in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Our head office contains a modern, fully integrated facility that uses high grade sheet steels and tubing as raw material to produce complete, site-specific, ready to install Once Through Steam Generators. In addition, Propak Systems Ltd. is one of the largest builders in Canada, and internationally, of fully modular energy processing facilities and equipment. IST’s operations are supported by Propak’s extensive capabilities, which are described on the Propak web site.

Cambridge Facility

72,000 square feet, connected to ISTs head office in Cambridge, Ontario

2 – 20′ x 20′ access doors

2 – 12′ x 14′ access doors

1 – 10′ x 10′ Loading Dock

Rail access at rear of plant with twin loading

Cranes and Capacities

3 – 10 Ton Cranes

3 – 5 Ton Cranes

2 – 2 Ton Crane

Welded Capabilities

CWB Approved to C.S.A. – W47.1 Div.2

ASME S, U, PP Approved




Automatic TIG Orbital Welding of tubing 0.5”dia to 1.5”OD

Automatic TIG Orbital Welding of pipe 2.5”dia to 4”OD

Tube Bending

Diameter 0.5″ – 1.50″

Multiple axis bends

Current minimum thickness 0.049″


NC Plasma with 8 ft x 20 ft downdraft table – Cuts 0.160″ to 1″ thick materials

Tubesheet Drilling

Single head Quickdrill, max 3000 RPM, with 10′ x 15′ drilling surface. Optimized performance with carbide insert tooling and complete chip recovery.

Tube Finning Capabilities

The finning of the heat transfer tubes is a proprietary process that was developed by IST. This unique method, of brazing fins to the tubes, promotes effective heat transfer and reduces corrosion effects. The current capabilities of our finning process are as follows:

Outside Tube Diameter: 0.75″ to 1.50″

Tube Thickness: Our current minimum thickness is 0.049 ” MW

Tube Length: Up to 675″ long

Finished fin height: 0.250″ to 0.775″

Welded Finning of pipe is also available in 1” to 4” dia, sch 40 to 120