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Features and Benefits


Adaptable configurations mean that an IST’s Emissions Control System can be tailored to precisely match your plant requirements:

  • Range of applications up to 100 MW gas turbines
  • Emission reduction efficiencies are fully compliant for all jurisdictions
  • Vertical gas path design requires less real estate and offers unique configurations
  • The true modular design reduces emission control system footprint by as much as 1/3 when compared to traditional units
  • Systems can be designed for emission control in dual fuel operation


IST has full fabrication facilities and the expertise to construct an emission control system quickly. With IST’s short erection schedule, your operation can be up and running fast:

  • System is designed to optimize erection hours; ducting modules are pre-assembled, catalyst frames and AIG are pre-installed in the ducting
  • Short delivery for SCR and CO equipment reduces project time
  • These features not only save time, they save money too


IST has experience, resources and an industry reputation for reliability and quality- we stand behind our products and minimize your risk:

  • IST’s project management approach ensures that the right things happen at the right times and between the right people
  • The power generation industry has come to respect IST as a leader in the delivery of quality steam generators and Emissions control systems with excellent support services
  • IST has created a dedicated business unit that is mandated to produce, deliver and install emission control systems
  • Emission control systems by IST are backed by a competitive, multi-year warranty and performance guarantee

Please email for further information about IST’s Emission Control Systems capabilities.