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Application & Design

Fired Once Through Steam Generator

• IST’s patented design technology ensures expected efficiency as high as 90%

• Burner Duty from 5 MMBtu/hr to +300 MMBtu/hr

• Boiler designed to ASME Section I and American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications

• Piping designed to ASME B31.1

• Operating pressures to +2500 psi

Enhanced Oil Recovery EOR at IST
Radiant Module

• Chamber diameters are available from 8ft to 30ft

• Both radiant can and convective module are internally insulated with soluble fiber blankets

• Carbon steel casing

• Single-circuit or multi-circuit design

Convective Module

• Module consists of serpentine finned tubes

• Refractory lined end tubesheets

• Single-circuit or multi-circuit design


• OTSGs can be designed for multiple fuel combinations

• Additional design modifications such as upgraded materials, SS foil barriers and soot blowers can be accommodated

Design Customizations

IST has experience incorporating custom features to accommodate your specific needs. Examples include:

• Environments from harsh northern climates to tropical marine regions

• Mobile units allow easy transport

• Horizontal or vertical convective designs

• Piping trains can be side- or skid-mounted

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