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OTSG For Enhanced Oil Recovery

OTSG For Enhanced Oil Recovery Innovative Steam Technologies (IST) is equipped to get your steam facility in place quickly to maximize your oil recovery. IST has a dedicated team to engineer, manufacture and install Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) SAGD / CSS steam generators.

SQ90™: The next generation of OTSG

IST has developed another innovative design to surpass the industry norm—90% steam quality!

How is it achieved? By taking the existing technology of rifled pipes used in high-pressure boilers and applying it to EOR OTSGs. Our patent SQ90™ can produce up to 90% steam quality. The SQ90™ is IST innovation designed to increase oil production while significantly decreasing operating costs.

SQ90™ delivers a higher profit potential with no additional risk, including
these added benefits:

• More separated steam from less water

• Lower fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

• Significant reduction of blowdown and handling costs

• Same boiler feedwater quality as a 75% steam quality boiler

• No change to frequency or method of pipe cleaning (pigging / chemical cleaning)

• Reduced water treatment costs

Contact our Sales Department today to learn about this exciting new technology and the savings SQ90™ can provide for you!