Finding Better Ways to reliably generate steam with OTSG (Once Through Steam Generators) from IST Applying the unique benefits of OTSG (Once Through Steam Generators) from IST Improving efficiencies for EOR/SAGD POWERGEN Enhanced Oil Recovery from IST Since 1992 a dedicated team of IST professionals, OTSG (Once Through Steam Generators)

Power Generation

Power Generation OTSG (Once Through Steam Generators)

Innovative Steam Technologies (IST) has been finding a better way to recover and utilize lost gas turbine heat for the Power Gen industry for 20 years. Using our Once Through Heat Recovery Steam Generators (OTSG)... Read more

Enhanced Oil Recovery

EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery)

Innovative Steam Technologies (IST) has the experience, capability and resources to be your ideal Enhanced Oil Recovery supplier using our proven, SQ90 Once Through Steam Generators (OTSGs)... Read more